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Department Business and Economics

Teaching program

The TIE Institute offers students a variety of courses that not only enable participants to understand technology and innovation management and entrepreneurship based on current research, but also inspire them to develop new ideas and create and lead innovative businesses. Our teaching activities help students gain problem-solving skills, learn creative and communication skills, and gain practical experience through application. With our offerings to students from a wide range of disciplines, we foster entrepreneurial talent and support founders.

Here you can find information about the courses offered by the professorships for Technology Management and Innovation Management. All courses that are currently or will be offered by the professorships can be found in the tables below. For more information on the individual courses, please select the semester and the course.


Courses Type SoSe 24 WiSe 23/24 Language Credits
Project Seminar (complement to Bachelor Thesis) S Flatten / Strese Flatten / Strese German 5
Module 11: Business Model Innovation (Bachelor-Seminar) S Flatten Flatten German / English 5
Module 11: Startup Ideation Seminar (Bachelor-Seminar) S   Strese German / English 5
Module 6b: Technology- und Innovation Management L+E Flatten &
  German 7,5
IM I: Corporate Entrepreneurship L+E Strese   German 7,5
IM II: Innovation and Growth Management L+E   Strese English 7,5
TM I: Introduction to Entrepreneurship L+E Flatten   German 7,5
TM II: Technology Management in established Companies L+E   Flatten German 7,5

L = Lecture / E = Exercise / T = Tutorial / S = Seminar
SoSe = Summer term / WiSe = Winter term


Course title Type SoSe 24 WiSe 23/24 Module Semester
IM I: Financing and Launching Innovative Products L+E   Strese English 7,5
IM II: Entrepreneurial Pitching Course S Strese   English 7,5
IM VI: Entrepreneurial Mindset L+E   Strese German 7,5
TM I: New Product Management L+E Flatten   English 7,5
TM II: Strategic Technology and Innovation Management L+E   Flatten English 7,5
TM III: Design Thinking S Strese Flatten German 7,5
TM IV: Strategy & Technology Case Studies S     English 7,5
TM V: New Innovative Forms of Product Development S     English 7,5

L = Lecture / E = Exercise / T = Tutorial / S = Seminar / PS = Project seminar
SoSe = Summer term / WiSe = Winter term


Theses are offered for Bachelor and Master students every semester.