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Department Business and Economics

Startup Innovation Seminar (Bachelor-Seminar)

Module: Module 11: Seminar 
Topic: Startup Ideation Seminar
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Steffen Strese
Res. Assoc. Dominik Schmelter
Scope / Credits: 2 SWS / 5 Credits
Course type: Seminar
Language: English, Exercise "Scientific working": German
Application: The application period is closed. Applications for the seminar are no longer possible. 
Date and place: 19.10.2023 10:00-12:00, P2-05-416
09.11.2023 09:00-14:00, P2-05-416
14.12.2023 09:00-12:00, P2-05-416
Formal requirements: English proficiency
Please note:  Your participation in Module 11: Exercise "Scientific working" is mandatory. For further Information click here.

Contents overview

In this seminar, students work together in groups to develop innovative business models. To this end, current methods for business model development are first taught.
The students first develop their own individual business ideas and then try them out with the seminar participants. Subsequently, the most promising business ideas are developed for the format of a pitch in the final presentation. Grading will be based on individual participation as well as on the group presentation.

Please note: Your participation in Module 11: "Introduction to academic writing" is mandatory. For further information click here.

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