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Welcome to the TIE Institute

Institute of Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (TIE)

The TIE Institute at the Technical University of Dortmund deals with central issues at the interface between technology and innovation management and entrepreneurship in research, teaching and practical projects. Under the direction of Prof. Dr. Tessa Flatten (Chair of Technology Management) and Prof. Dr. Steffen Strese (Chair of Innovation Management), around 30 doctoral students, postdocs and student employees work at the TIE Institute. The TIE Institute is an integral part of the Faculty of Economics at the Technical University of Dortmund and also offers numerous interdisciplinary links to the university.

In addition to teaching, we conduct research projects in various areas and make the findings available to the scientific community and entrepreneurial practice. For this purpose, we already cooperate with other universities and companies within the framework of various projects, but we are always interested in new cooperations with both already established companies and startups. 

On the institute's website you will find all important information about teaching, research, cooperations and the professorships for Technology Management (Prof. Dr. Tessa Flatten) and Innovation Management (Prof. Dr. Steffen Strese) in general. 

The TIE Institute is characterized by a strong sense of "we". This includes the appreciation of others, the willingness to cooperate as well as a constant and open communication with students, researchers, founders and decision makers from companies. 
Please feel free to contact us - we look forward to getting to know you and having exciting discussions with you.

Latest news


Examination Review "International Business" - Second date: 9/21/2023

The exam review for the exam "International Business" (second date: 9/21/2023) will take place on Tuesday, 10/17/2023 in presence in Dortmund.

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FLIP application deadline extended

The application deadline for the master course "Financing and Launching Innovative Products" is extended to 04.10.2023



Exam reviews SoSe 2023: Introduction to Entrepreneurship (Non-BCI)

The exam review for the exam "Introduction to Entrepreneurship" for all participants of the 2nd term will take place on 17.10.2023.

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Überschrift: FLIP Application – 10 days until the deadline

We are happy to offer again this year the Master course “ Financing and Launching Innovative Products”.


Prof. Dr. Tessa Flatten receives UNIPRENEURS award

Congratulations to Professor Tessa Flatten for receiving the UNIPRENEURS award.

Awarding of Prof. Flatten

New publication in the journal Creativity and Innovation Management

The TIE Institute recently published an article in the journal Creativity and Innovation Management.

Logo of the Journal of Creativity and Innovation Management

Examination "Corporate Entrepreneurship" (first date/25.07.2023)

The exam review for "Corporate Entrepreneurship" for all those who had not passed in the 1st date (25.07.2023) will take place on 29.08.2023.

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"Examination review "Technology and Innovation Management" (first sit/20.07.2023)"

The review of the exam for all participants who did not pass the exam on the first sit (20.07.2023) will take place on 22.08.2023.

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