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Department Business and Economics


The TIE Institute combines classical research from technology and innovation management with the much younger entrepreneurship research. Our research focus is thus not only in the classic areas of these two disciplines, but the interface in particular raises exciting research questions for us, for example: Which thought patterns can managers in corporations learn from serial entrepreneurs, in which start-ups should corporations invest, or which positions in the management of start-ups in growth are best filled with which person? Research questions like these exemplify the knowledge transfer that we stimulate between established and young companies.

Our research always focuses on people and their organizations. We see our research as a tool to help decision-makers from a wide range of companies - from start-ups to established corporations and family businesses - to understand how innovations, new technologies or new business can be generated through entrepreneurial decision-making and behavior, and to shape the challenges of the future together with these decision-makers.

Our research fields are structured along these three areas:

  • Research in Technology and Innovation Management: Managerial characteristics, decision-making and leadership, Digitalization and Digital Transformation, Business Model Evaluation and Innovation, Organizational capabilities and strategic flexibility, organizational learning and Top Management Teams.
  • Research in Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurial decision-making and behavior, Affect and cognition in entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Finance, Entrepreneurial Marketing
  • Research at the interface between technology and innovation management and entrepreneurship: Corporate Entrepreneurship, Corporate Venture Capital, Top management teams and their dynamics along the venture growth phase

Methodologically, the research of the TIE Institute focuses on quantitative-empirical studies. To this end, we collect unique and large-scale data sets via both primary data surveys and diverse secondary data sources. A methodological focus of the TIE Institute is the conceptualization and operationalization of novel phenomena based on these data sets.

With our interdisciplinary research and collaborations with leading international researchers, we contribute to the scientific discourse and regularly publish our research results in the most internationally renowned journals. In addition, members of the TIE Institute regularly present research findings at leading international conferences, such as the Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference (BCERC) or the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (AOM).