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Best Paper Proceedings: AOM 2022 (Kopie 1)

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We are very pleased to announce that a paper from the TIE Institute - Technology, Innovation & Entrepreneurship was included in the Best Paper Proceedings at the 2022 Academy of Management Annual Meeting. The paper "Breaking Down Innovation: The Influence of CEO Overconfidence on New Product and Process Development" by Irina Karthaus was selected as one of the best papers in the Managerial and Organizational Cognition Division (MOC). Irina investigates the relationships between CEO Overconfidence and different types of innovation in SMEs. While CEO Overconfidence generally promotes innovation, the results show that CEO Overconfidence is more strongly related to product innovation than process innovation.

Papers by Katrin Bauer, Alexander Hering, Caroline Kettner, Marko Kraljev, Ivan Reh, and Antonia Samakovlis were also accepted for presentation at the conference.