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Department Business and Economics

Guest lecture of Dr. Alexander Brunst (Gorillas)

Titelbild des Gastvortrags von Alexander Brunst mit Titel, Gorilla-Logo und einem Bild von ihm © Dr. Alexander Brunst

As part of the lecture series "Strategic Technology & Innovation Management", this semester's students had the pleasure to welcome Dr. Alexander Brunst, Global Vice President Sustainability, Public Affairs & CSR at Gorillas. Gorillas is a leading start-up in Quick Commerce Delivery Services and the fastest Unicorn in Germany with operations in Europe and the USA.  About 50 students attended the event, where Dr. Brunst explained Gorillas' business model and outlined the underlying innovations. In particular, he gave us exciting insights into the world of a rapidly scaling start-up company. After his presentation, Dr. Brunst answered the many interested questions of our students. We would like to thank Dr. Brunst for his informative guest lecture!