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Organization & Management for Competitive Advantage (Master - TM VI)

Achtung: Kein Angebot im Sommersemester 2023. 

Studienrichtung: Master / Business C
Dozent: Habilitand Dr. Bastian Kindermann
Umfang / Credits: 4 SWS / 7,5 Credits
Veranstaltungsart: Vorlesung und Übung
Sprache: Englisch
Termin und Ort: tbd
Beginn: tbd


Why are some organizations more successful than others? In our research-oriented master level course “Organization & Management for Competitive Advantage”, we will explore the diverse set of responses that researchers offer to this core question of strategic management. The course content covers six main areas: 1) Foundations: Tracing the origins of the strategy concept, 2) Strategy & economics: Exploring the influence of economics on the notion of strategy, 3) Strategy making: Understanding different perspectives on the strategy formation process, 4) Competitive strategies: Learning about strategy in competitive settings, 5) Cooperative strategies: Examining strategy in cooperative settings, and 6) Digital strategy: Delving into digital platform strategies. The sequence of these six areas reflects the evolution of the strategic management field.

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