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Department Business and Economics

Entrepreneurial Pitching Course (Master - IM II)

Field of study:  Master / Business C
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Steffen Strese
Scope / Credits: 4 SWS / 7,5 Credits
Course type: Seminar
Language: English
Application: Online
Date and place: No offer in winter term 2023/24. 
Beginning: No offer in winter term 2023/24. 

Content Overview

This course introduces students to entrepreneurial pitching, problem-solving and presentation skills applied to current and future trends in technology, society, and business. Students develop and work on entrepreneurial ideas based on recent trends by analyzing the underlying problems to develop and present forward-looking and innovative solutions. The focus of this course will be to create and hold concise pitch presentations – an opportunity for students to test and improve their presentations skills in an engaging and highly interactive setting.


Students will deepen their skills in analyzing, structuring, and framing complex problems and corresponding entrepreneurial solutions. Students will particularly learn and improve their communication, pitching and presentation techniques, both in theory and practice. This way, students deepen their knowledge on entrepreneurial and innovative solutions and improve their problem-solving and presentation skills.

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Students are selected along the selection criteria for seminars and theses, which you can view here. You have the opportunity to enter your achievements and relevant non-university experience on the online platform.